Tuition Rates and Discounts

The recreational class pricing is designed to give a greater value for more class hours, giving a percentage discount to those who register for multiple classes per week. The first class is full price, the second class is 30% off, the third class is 40% off, etc.

In addition to that, there is a discount for multiple participants in the same family. The first member is full price, the second member is 10% off, the third is 20% off, etc. 

The discounts are given upon registration and based on cost per participant starting with the most expensive. Prices below are per child.


Monthly prices/person

Total class hours/week ~ Price/month 

3o minute classes ~ $65
45 minute classes ~ $75
1 hour classes ~ $85
1 hour 15 minutes  ~ $95
1 hour and 30 minutes  ~ $105
1 hour and 45 minutes ~ $115

2 hours ~ $125 

There is a $50 annual registration fee per family. We will waive the remaining year for Williamsburg families and will apply the registration fee when it renews September 2021. Registration fees are yearly and are non-refundable. WISC Members will get a $5 class discount monthly after registering.