Tuition Rates and Discounts 

The recreational class pricing is designed to give a greater value for more class hours, giving a percentage discount to those who register for multiple classes per week. The first class is full price, the second class is 30% off, the third class is 40% off, etc.

In addition to that, there is a discount for multiple participants in the same family. The first member is full price, the second member is 10% off, the third is 20% off, etc. 

The discounts are given upon registration and based on cost per participant starting with the most expensive. Prices below are per child.


Monthly prices/person

Total class hours/week ~ Price/month 

3o minute classes ~ $45
45 minute classes ~ $60
1 hour classes ~ $75
1 hour 15 minutes  ~ $85
1 hour and 30 minutes  ~ $95
1 hour and 45 minutes ~ $105

2 hours ~ $115 

There is a $50 annual registration fee per family. If you sign up mid year, you will receive a prorated price depending on the month. All registration fees will be renewed every September and are non-refundable.