Our Calling

Virginia Elite Gymnastics Academy is here to serve the youth of our community through fitness. Children with healthy bodies are more likely to become healthy adults. The confidence they learn from sports will serve them as students, as athletes and well into to adulthood.

VEGA offers gymnastics classes for all ages, Ninja classes, birthday parties, cheer classes, adult programs, tumbling classes, summer camps and a competitive gymnastics and All Star cheer program. Stay involved, stay active and be a part of the great things to come at VEGA!

Program participants will work on improving coordination, flexibility, balance, speed and strength to develop them physically. More important are the life lessons and character building that come from setting goals, working hard and overcoming obstacles. Lessons learned in gymnastics will carry over into other sports, school and beyond. 

Gymnastics centers are not just for training future Olympians. The sport is a comprehensive lifestyle exercise program for all ages and abilities. The benefits are there for all participants, regardless of skill level. Best of all, it's FUN!